100 Hits Hard and Heavy

100 Hits Hard and Heavy
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  • 06/07/2018

002-Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train
003-Dio-We Rock
004-Deep Purple-Knocking At Your Back Door
005-King Kobra-Hunger
006-AC-DC-Highway To Hell
007-Rainbow-Tarot Woman
008-Warlock-Sign Of Satan
009-Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell
010-House Of Lords-Slip Of The Tongue
011-Accept-London Leatherboys
012-Metallica-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
013-Ozzy Osbourne-I Don't Know
015-Possessed-Death Metal
016-Saxon-Princess Of The Night (live)
017-Alcatrazz-Jet To Jet
018-Night Ranger-Sentimental Street
019-Praying Mantis-Thirty Pieses Of Silver
020-Girlschool-Hit And Run
021-Accept-Metal Heart
022-AC/DC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
024-Krokus-Stayed A Wake All Night
025-Black Sabbath-Shock Wave
026-Deep Purple-Black And White
027-Judas Priest-Better By You, Better Than Me
028-Great White-Rock Me
029-Saxon-Wheels Of Steel
031-Helloween-A Tale That Wasn't Right
032-Celtic Frost-Cherry Orchards
033-Onslaught-Lightning War
034-Joe Satriani-Ride
035-AC-DC-Let There Be Rock
036-L.A.Guns-Sex Action
037-Helloween-I Want Out
038-Ozzy Osbourne-Mr.Crowley
039-Stryper-To Hell With The Devil
041-Deep Purple-Call Of The Wild
042-Accept-Balls To The Wall
043-Rainbow-Do You Close Your Eyes
044-Blue Cheer-Nightmare
045-AC/DC-Touch Too Much
046-Night Ranger-Don't Tell Me You Love Me
047-Black Sabbath-Hard Road
048-Antrax-Caught In A Mosh
049-Lita Ford-Blueberry
050-Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers
051-Saxon-Denim and Leather
052-Rainbow-Lost In Hollywood
053-Black Sabbath-Air Dance
054-AC-DC-Back In Black
055-Ian Gillan-Don't Want The Truth
056-W.A.S.P.-Wild Child
057-Voivod-Ravenous Medicine
058-Mr.Big-Had Enough
059-Blue Cheer-Girl Next Door
060-Saxon-Motorcycle Man
062-Rainbow-Kill The King
063-Deep Purple-Under The Gun
065-Vow Wow-Hurricane
067-Imperllittery-Goodnight And Goodbye
068-Kreator-Flag Of Hate
069-Enuff Z`Nuff-New Thing
070-Motor Head & Girlschool-Please Don`t Touch
071-Deep Purple-Nobody's Home
072-AC/DC-You Shook Me All Night Long
073-Mr.Big-Addicted To That Rush
074-Damn Yankees-High Enough
075-Toto-Gypsy Train
076-Gamma Ray-Rich And Famous
077-Anthrax-Got The Time
078-Guns N` Roses-Hair Of The Dog
079-AC/DC-Big Gun
080-Aerosmith-Helter Skelter
081-Deep Purple-Breakfast In Bed
082-Voivod-The Unknown Knows
083-April Wine-21st. Century Schizoid Man
084-Rainbow-All Night Long
085-W.A.S.P.-Jack Action
087-Kreator-Ripping Corpse
088-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Higher Ground
089-Faith No More-War Pigs
090-Nirvana-Love Buzz
091-Soundgarden-Come Together
092-Coroner-I Want You
093-Virgin Steele-I Will Come For You
096-Great White-Face The Day
097-Coroner-Purple Haze
098-Deep Purple-The Cut Runs Deep
100-Guns N' Roses-Live And Let Die

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